Using proper lifting techniques is important when preparing for your next move. Protect your back and use the following tips while lifting boxes or furniture items. Click for printable PDF.

Safety is top priority on every home and business move conducted by Great Day Moving. One aspect of safety standards is the observance of proper lifting techniques while packing up your home or office, preparing for moving day, and for the do-it-yourself move.

Before lifting or moving any boxes or furniture items, you want to examine the environment in which you are moving. Look for sharp corners, slippery spots on the floors, or other potential tripping hazards. Be sure you know where you are going to set the item down and that the path you are taking is free of any obstructions.

Remember the following lifting techniques to make your move preparations easier and safer:

  1. Size up the load to carry.
  2. Squat to lift and lower, do not bend at the waist.
  3. Keep your lower back bowed in while bending over.
  4. Position yourself as close to the item or box as possible.
  5. Grasp opposite corners for better control.
  6. Bow your back in and rise up with your head first.
  7. If you must turn while lifting, be sure to turn with your feet, not your body.
  8. Never jerk or twist your body while lifting or carrying.
  9. Keep your feet apart, staggered if possible
  10. Wear shoes with non-slip soles.
  11. Move feet and legs in the direction of travel.
  12. Put the weight down by keeping your low back bowed in.

Sometimes you may need equipment, such as a dolly, to make it easier on your body. When using a dolly, remember to push, not pull – so that you have more control and greater leverage. It also helps, and is much safer, if you can fasten the load (boxes, etc) to the dolly in case of sudden stops or vibrations that may cause the load to shift.